Zoe Kafkes

about me.

Zoe Kafkes Illustration by Sheila Aldridge

A recent graduate of the University of Miami, I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Communication with majors in public relations and political science with a minor in marketing (and I did it summa cum laude). After my first job working as the Communications Director for the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta, I began working for Georgia Institute of Technology's School of City and Regional Planning in December 2017. I also love to freelance on the side.

I prefer to see the world through my camera lens. Different types of paper make me geek out. If given the choice between sitting by a pool or going on a hike, I would pick the hike every single time. Cooking is my favorite kind of science (and the only one I would say I'm particulary good at). Coffee might actually be my one true love.

Check out my work. You won't regret it.